Christina Messier

Prophecy 😯 The Flood, Jobs, Gold, Masks... and Now This 🤯

Prophecy 😯 The Flood, Jobs, Gold, Masks… and Now This 🤯

Here I share a message that was placed on my heart to share. Often times people find themselves getting the short end of the stick and ending up in devastating if not tragic situations. Time and time again I have forewarned people about taking advantage of opportunities that would keep them from harm’s way but […]

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💱Quick Silver Scam? What you don't know!!! #QuickSilverSCAM [READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW!]

💱Quick Silver Scam? What you don’t know!!! #QuickSilverSCAM [READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW!]

[BE SURE TO LIKE & SUBSCRIBE] My actual experience with Quick Silver Global and what you should know. No hype, flashy cars, yachts or mansions. Just facts. Numbers don’t lie but people do sometimes. Sharing what I’ve come to realize about Quick Silver Coins, Challenge Packages, Compensation, and Co-Founders Keith Nierodzinski & Christina Messier company […]

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