Welcome To My Channel  - David Stafford Jones

Welcome To My Channel – David Stafford Jones

Welcome To My Channel - David Stafford Jones

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Hello there,
My name is David Stafford Jones.

I’ve elected to go by my entire name so as not to cause any confusion.

I’m also known however as The Friendly Marketer.

So what am I about or my channel for that matter?

I’m into Affiliate & Network Marketing. I don’t do this full time as yet although that is my goal.

Professionally I’m a Supreme Court Marshal on the island 🏝️ of Barbados.

I wanted to start by first thanking you for visiting my channel and then taking the time to subscribe.

While I will primarily be sharing videos which feature those biz opp I’m involved in, I still do create videos around topics for your learning pleasure.

Should you ever want to have me do a video on a particular topic I will endeavor to do so.

Only if I’m unable to fulfill a request, then I will point you to a video which I endorse as one worthy for your consideration on the requested topic.

Here is a more recent picture of myself and my wife Julie seen here with me. The earlier picture you saw of me was before my transformation. (smile) 😊

One of the businesses I am promoting sells a weight loss product and I’m a product of the product and happily so.

Now I could have shot a nice simple video in real time, but I like trying new things and in upcoming videos you’ll get to see me soon enough.

The fact of the matter though is that I’m real.

And I’m here to help those that are like minded to reach their highest potential and become great at what they do.

How do I achieve that? Well if you are following my channel, you must be involved in either Affiliate or Network Marketing and I’d assume would welcome being informed of what’s working and or what you could consider perhaps partnering on with me.

Whatever your reason for being here, I welcome you and hope to be of service.

So I’ll expose you to the Books I like to read to help develop a Mindset for Success.

I’ll share the Network where I love to hangout just right for Entrepreneurs seeking Success.

I’ll share the tools I use, and generally how to go about building a brand and Successful online business.

So feel free to join me on my journey and let’s experience Success together.


Follow me of Facebook: https://facebook.com/David.Jones.Is.The.Friendly.Marketer
Follow me on LinkedIn: @davidjones52
Follow me on Instagram: @davidjones1128
E-mail me Here: workwithdavidjones@gmail.com

Thanks For Viewing,
And Don’t Forget To SUBSCRIBE & CLICK the NOTIFICATION Bell to get future updates when new videos are released.

Welcome to my new channel intro.

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