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GSX is a coin backed by assets ( Gold & Precious Metals).
GSX holders eligible for yearly bonuses paid through blockchain by trust
GSX holders are the trust beneficiaries of the mineral rights and assets
50% of the 10 billion coin allotted for sale is not sold in CDE will be burned, value moves to surviving GSX
Our upcoming program will make GSX redeemable for actual gold
GSX will be continuously third party audited
GSX combines the best elements from a stable coin, cryptocurrency and investment coin.
Continual increase in asset value of land and gold backing GSX

GSX offers the asset backing (currently estimated $3.2 billion USD) of a stable coin, the growth of a cryptocurrency and the periodic bonuses of an investment coin. Combining all of the best elements in cryptocurrency into one secured coin.
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Crypto.com represents a one-stop-shop for consumers to buy, save, and spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Binance Coin, and Ethereum. The site features a variety of staking options that allow customers to unlock features like cashback, rebates, and interest rewards

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