🔥Karatbars - Live Prospecting🧐 (at the mall 👞👠👔👗)

🔥Karatbars – Live Prospecting🧐 (at the mall 👞👠👔👗)


Showing you in real life (instead of just telling you) about piquing people’s interest and passing them information to learn more about your opportunity.

It’s all a simple numbers game! But you have to be willing to take action🏃‍♂️ ! On average, 1 out of every 5 people I speak to says YES and I exchange info with them. I wasn’t on my A-game on this video but the numbers still worked😀 .

If you want something different in life, you must be willing to do something different in life. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 😨. The only thing that can beat a failure …is a try 🤷‍♂️.

⭐Another Golden Tool 💰!

For one of the main tools that I use that have very been effective in growing my business go to http://ITriedToTellYou.com.

For Additional Tools, Support, Strategies, Contests and Giveaways join my private "Garage Full of Gold Group" on Facebook here: http://facebook.garagefullofgold.com. All are welcome!

If you need a sponsor, register for your Free Karatbars Account here: http://GJoe.GarageFullofGold.com. I’ll be your sponsor. Get in touch with me by using the info below. I’ll need your username.


Gary Joe

Karatbars International VIP Affiliate


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